Fixing a Windows ProductAssistant Setup Fault


Some users of Windows (of any version) will eventually run into a peculiar dialogue box labeled “Product Assistant,” which displays the error message “The feature you are trying to use is on a disk that is not available.” ProductAssistant.msi, SolutionCenter.msi, or TrayApp.msi files can be selected from this dialog box. These warnings show each time you start your computer and are associated with the HP Printer installation in Windows. When these errors keep popping up, even after pressing the Cancel button, it can be very frustrating. If you, too, are experiencing this vexing issue, follow the methods outlined below to put an end to it.

We will describe a few technical procedures but cannot be held responsible for or guarantee how they will turn out. How the reader chooses to follow them is up to him or her. Seek assistance from Online Printer Support if you lack the necessary technical expertise.


Defining the blunders


There are two common error messages that users may encounter. Errors of this type occur when Windows is prompted to load a file necessary for installing HP Printer drivers, and that file is missing.


• You are attempting to access a function only available on a CD-ROM or other removable disk.


Put in the ‘ProductAssistant’ disk, and then confirm the action.


Problems with setting up Product Assistant


• You are attempting to access a feature that relies on an inaccessible network resource.


To retry the installation, select OK, or use the box below to specify a different location from where you extracted the ‘SolutionCenter.msi’ installation file.


Error installing SolutionCenter.msi


There is no sign of the route. Ensure the TrayApp installation package (‘TrayApp.msi’) is located in a place you can access.


The Way Forward


Option 1: Reinstalling an Essential Program from CD


We can use the CD that came with your HP printer to try to install the missing file.


First, open the Optical Drive and place the HP Printer CD inside.


Open Optical Drive once you’ve opened My Computer to look around.


Open this folder and double-click the hpproductassistant.msi file to start it if the problem is with ProductAssistant.msi.


Keep in mind that Setup is where you’ll find solutioncenter.msi and TrayApp.msi.


If you have an existing HP Printer installation and run the MSI file, it will add the missing component.


Fourth, try a reboot.


Second Method: Driver Downloading


If you’ve misplaced or never received the HP printer’s installation disc, please proceed as follows.


To begin, open a web browser and go to


Second, fill the text box with the entire product name and model number. The label on the front of your printer should have the model number. Take the HP Deskjet D2680 Printer as an example.


Type the model number into HP’s online support system.


Just press the Next button, 3. Clicking this link will take you directly to your printer’s support page.


4. Go to this page and the section labeled “Software & Driver downloads.”


Obtaining Drivers from HP’s Official Website for Support


Click the “Next” button after choosing your operating system.


When downloading drivers from HP Support, choose your operating system.


Selecting this will bring up a list of operating system-specific printer drivers and software applications.


Specific HP Printer Drivers and Software Packages


Installing your printer’s driver and software is as simple as clicking a button.


Select the Full Feature Software and Driver link in Step 7. Remember that the missing file will only be available in the Full Featured drivers, so download those now.


Please be aware that the time it takes to download depends entirely on your internet connection speed. If you have a slow Internet connection or are using a 56Kbps connection, you may find it more convenient to acquire the disc via the link labeled “Order Physical Media – CD DVD USB” on the same page. This order might be subject to the terms and fees listed on the HP website. After you receive this CD by mail order, return to Step 1.


Choosing HP Printer Full Function Software and Drivers


Clicking this link will redirect you to another download page. The ‘Download’ button must be connected, of course.


Drivers for specific HP printers can be downloaded here.


You should place this file somewhere secure and easy to remember. Please put it in a new folder on your desktop.


10. Navigate to the directory in which you stored the file containing all the drivers.


11) Launch the executable, and the driver files will be extracted to the Temporary Folder on your Windows machine.


12. From the Start menu, select “Run.”


13. In the Run box, enter %temp% and hit the OK button. When you click here, your temporary files will load.


14 Check for a directory with the name 7sxxx or 7sxxx.tmp. In this case, x can be a letter or a number.


Open hp product assistant> hpproductassistant.msi if the ProductAssistant.msi error persists. In any other case, run solutioncenter.msi or TrayApp.msi from within the folder.


If you follow the instructions for the above methods, you can replace the missing MSI file. If this error notice persists after a computer restart, it may be time to contact technical support.


If you are still experiencing this issue or have any questions regarding the solutions provided in this article, please get in touch with the professionals over at Online Printer Support.


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