How to Choose an Asphalt Paving Contractor


Many factors can contribute to the quality of an asphalt paving project, from engineering decisions and management decisions to contractor selection. It would be best if you had someone who understands this aspect of their job. Select the best Tempa Asphalt Paving.

Verify if the asphalt paving contractor offers professional references from previous clients as a gauge of their work ethic and professionalism.


Attributes that matter when selecting a paving company include their expertise. A reliable asphalt contractor should possess years of experience, solid references, licensing, and insurance to guarantee they can complete work to your satisfaction.

Experienced asphalt pavers have an in-depth knowledge of materials, equipment, and paving techniques. They can anticipate potential issues and offer effective solutions that ensure high-quality results. An experienced contractor also has an extensive understanding of local climate and soil conditions, which may impact their paving process.

An asphalt paving contractor must clearly communicate their plans, pricing, and any potential challenges or delays that might occur during a project. They should provide a written contract that details project details such as timelines and costs to prevent confusion later on and disputes down the line. Furthermore, they should respond swiftly when inquiries or questions from clients arise—this demonstrates their dedication to transparency and professionalism.


Experienced contractors bring invaluable insights into materials, techniques, and overcoming potential challenges. Their vast knowledge enables them to offer reliable solutions with long-lasting results that stand the test of time.

Look for contractors who own their equipment instead of depending on third-party rentals to complete your job. This means lower prices and faster turnarounds for you. Plus, it indicates they have invested in quality equipment that they will take great care to maintain correctly.

Check whether the asphalt contractor you are considering is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds workers’ compensation and automotive liability insurance policies—failing which could put both yourself and their workers at risk on a job site.

Consider hiring a contractor that offers more comprehensive services beyond paving alone, such as repair work, maintenance, or design suggestions. Their versatility demonstrates their dedication to your long-term pavement health while saving money in the future. It also shows that they value client satisfaction by going above and beyond to meet client requirements.


When selecting a contractor, it is crucial to consider their reputation carefully. An outstanding service provider should boast a solid history with previous satisfied customers as references. In addition, they should be licensed for all aspects of business activity, including liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation policies.

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, fillers, and binders used to construct roads, driveways, and parking areas. It is manufactured by sizing and crushing aggregates before mixing them with a binder, such as bitumen, before being spread on the road or parking lot surface for pavement. Asphalt provides a highly durable yet cost-effective material that is easy to maintain while offering anti-skid properties for improved driving experiences.

When selecting an asphalt paving company, it is essential to find out what other services they provide besides pavement paving. This will allow you to avoid having to hire separate contractors for maintenance and repairs while showing their dedication toward the long-term success of your pavement project.

Customer reviews

Searching for asphalt paving contractors with years of experience and an outstanding local reputation. Additionally, licensing, bonding, and insurance should all be checked; licensing guarantees they hold valid contracting licenses issued by their state, while bonding and insurance provide extra peace of mind.

Reputable contractors typically enjoy an abundance of satisfied customers who will post positive reviews online; however, it can take 30 positive reviews to counteract one negative one; therefore, it is wise to invest in an asphalt paving reputation management system such as Reputation Builder to protect and preserve their online image.

Finally, take into account whether or not the contractor offers additional related services like driveway repair or parking lot maintenance. A partner that can deliver these services can save both time and money while assuring your pavement receives proper attention after installation – helping avoid premature wear-and-tear wear as well as costly repairs later down the line.


Pricing an asphalt paving contractor can be an integral factor when selecting one for your project. Ideally, you want someone with competitive prices who provides top-quality service. Reputable contractors should offer quotes detailing material costs and labor rates before providing their estimates for your job.

Asking for professional references from an asphalt paving contractor is another effective way to gauge their pricing, providing insight into their level of professionalism and whether they delivered on their promises. If a contractor refuses to share references, it could be seen as a red flag.

Reputable asphalt paving contractors carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance, which protects you should anything go wrong during the paving process. Furthermore, it shows their respect for employees, as they value safety for everyone involved in the job. You can verify their insurance by asking for their license number and checking it on your state website; additionally, you should inquire about it during the initial consultation to avoid unexpected surprises later.