How to Get a Professional Home Generator Installed Without Breaking the Bank


Making it simple for the electrician to install the house generator is the first step in conserving money. This is an essential first step. HEATED TIP Make sure the installer’s workspace is set up to minimize the amount of time he or she needs to spend there.

Here’s a typical issue that arises during installation. Instead of jumping into their work, they must wait for the owner to move or remove their automobiles, boats, etc., from the garage. They might also encounter canines, animals, or a hazardously wet terrain preventing them from immediately getting to work. These concerns and challenges must be resolved before a house generator can be installed.


I’ve come to understand that many dog owners give their canine companions the “friendly” label and treat them like human children. No matter how friendly your canine companions may be, every moment they spend in the company of the electrician installing your home’s generator is time wasted. Keep in mind that time equals money.


These complications are a significant source of wasted effort and resources. Prepare the regions where the generator will be installed before calling for service. They need to be unencumbered by the issues discussed above.


The second way to cut costs on a home generator installation is by scheduling an “In-Home Survey.” Please take note that I did not say a free estimate. You need an “In-Home Survey” conducted by a competent expert in the standby power field.


The going rate for such a survey is between $100 and $150. If you choose to use the same provider for the study and the installation, the survey cost will be deducted from the total.


You may expect a detailed assessment of your requirements for electrical backup from the professional who does the study. After comparing total power consumption to essential load requirements, the electrician will thoroughly calculate generator sizing. In addition, he’ll talk about any more work that might be required and provide a cost estimate based on his findings.


A house generator installation shouldn’t take more than two days under normal circumstances. This survey is essential before scheduling any installation. It provides a detailed breakdown of the time and money requirements. As a result, you can schedule the electrician’s visit accordingly, reducing the likelihood of extra charges. Check with the surveyor to see if there’s anything different you need to do to ensure a smooth installation.


The technician will thoroughly explain the backup power method and how your system kicks into action when the power goes out after the installation is complete. In addition, he will discuss fuel and maintenance concerns. Once that’s done, there’s only one more significant thing to take care of. The installer and a representative from the Generator Dealer will be present during the inspection conducted by the local municipality to ensure that the home generator installation complies with all codes and regulations.


In the event of a power outage, you may rest easy knowing that your property is protected with a professionally installed generator if you follow these steps and save thousands of dollars.


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