How to Install a Touch Screen Monitor in Your Car the Easiest Way


A few years ago, adding a touchscreen monitor to your car was a feature you saw in movies or on those bizarre, tricked-out vehicles explicitly made for science competitions. Almost all of the newer cars have them installed from the factory, or they may be installed aftermarket. With just a fingertip tap, drivers may configure their Bluetooth device, set all their sound channels, and set up their GPS navigation system through these monitors.

These can also be installed in your car in a few different methods. The most typical two are in-dash arrangements that preserve the car’s factory appearance. The other setup uses a motorized panel frame that can be folded out of the dash and into an upright, viewable position. Here’s how to install a touchscreen monitor system into your automobile yourself, step by step.

You must first determine whether your automobile has a single DIN system or a double DIN setup by looking at the dashboard. If you know what to search for, it’s relatively simple. Your car’s dashboard’s dual DIN configuration will let you place a touchscreen monitor system flush with the dash. This cannot be done with a single DIN arrangement; instead, a flip-up monitor must be installed.

Assuming you should have already bought an installation kit and wiring harness, ensure you have all the necessary equipment. These are available for purchase anywhere automotive audio systems are sold or installed. Roll up your sleeves because you have some work ahead of you in the shape of modifications to your dash if your vehicle does have an installation kit created for it.

It would be best to go underneath the vehicle’s hood to detach the battery cables from the battery. To handle this, you’ll need the appropriate size tools once more.

Remove the previous head unit. Depending on the car’s make, you may need to remove a couple of dash panels to complete this. There will be mounting screws to keep the old head unit in place. The stereo should slip out of the dash when you remove these. After removing it, unplug the antenna and all of the wires.

Start installing all the new hardware and the touch screen with the installation kit once you’ve removed all the old equipment from the vehicle. So that it won’t slide out and perhaps break, firmly seat it into the gear.

Connect all of the car’s wires to the preinstalled wiring harness, which should already be hooked to the touchscreen monitor; now, the monitor is all set to go in the installation kit and put back into the dash. If you’re unsure where the audio/video wire should go, consult the user manual before connecting it to the monitor.

Ok. You are fully wired and prepared to move. Reinstalling the monitor into the dashboard is now required. Since it’s practically the last, this is the most straightforward stage. Once you’ve finished that, secure the car by tightening all of the screws and then restoring the dash panels.

To test the monitor, reconnect the battery connections and start the vehicle. The screen should come on if the installation is completed without a hitch.

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