Kundu Special Tour Package


Kundu Special (Bengali:) is an Indian tour operator based in Kolkata. It was founded in 1933 by a Bengali family and specializes in railway tours and offers rail trips. Here’s some interesting Info about Goibibo.

Kundu Special caters mainly to middle-class and upper-middle-class Bengalis, offering tour packages that include train tickets, accommodation, and meals.

Tour Itinerary

Kundu Special (Bengali: ) is a Kolkata-based Bengali family-run Indian tour operator offering rail-based tours across India. Established by Sripati Chandra Kundu in 1933 and is currently run by his sons Phakir and Debdas Kundu and their families. Kundu Special has a long and proud tradition of offering tours to popular locations all across India.

Kundu Special tours often include visits to popular Himalayan holiday spots such as Simla, Naini Tal, Dalhousie, and Kulu-Manali – destinations that remain immensely popular with Bengali tourists over time. Over time, these journeys have been reduced in duration but remain highly popular with Bengalis. More recently, Kundu Special has begun offering more exotic locales like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Leh Ladakh, and Ganges River Valley destinations as part of their tours.

Early on in their company’s existence, the Kundu brothers often traveled alongside customers on trains as part of a tour experience and promised quality Bengali cuisine no matter where the tour took them in India. This personal approach helped build trust among Bengalis as a premier tour organization.

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Kundu Special has been run as a family business since its conception. At first, it offered all-India tours on dedicated bogies with food service provided by Kundu Special staff—delicious ghee-soaked lunches, Shankar dalna, and khichdi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and sometimes even evening snacks! Read the Best info about MakeMyTrip.

Sripati Kundu—who ran several other businesses and raised his wife and children—was so impressed with its success that he dedicated all of his attention and resources to running this one company alone. Enlisting many of his brothers as assistants quickly flourished into something much more significant.

As soon as the company moved to 1 Chittaranjan Avenue in Calcutta in 1972, it expanded its services and offerings for broader sections of Bengali society and started providing overseas tours as well. Although these 3-week all-inclusive tours no longer appear in their catalog, they were an enormous success and introduced many Bengalis to travel abroad for the first time. Phakir Kundu and his brothers, including sixth generation head Sankari Prasad Kundu, ensured these trips ran according to high standards and Phakir Kundu ensured they were conducted according to these tours’ highest standards and ensured all were performed according to highest standards and made sure these happened successfully.

Although the company has since broadened its horizons, its original clientele of middle—and upper-middle-class Bengalis seeking authentic India experiences remains its core focus. Each tour is led by two tour experts, a cook, and four service boys—none have changed much over time! Have the Best information about Airbnb.


Kundu Special Tours of Kolkata is a family-owned tour operator that specializes in railway-based tours across India. Their clientele is predominantly comprised of middle—to upper-middle-class Bengali Hindus; some families have been traveling with the company for generations. Kundu Special still employs Bengali managers, cooks, and bearers who cater to its tourists’ needs—viral among single Bengali women looking for safe vacation packages.

Even in an age of Cox and Kings, fancy packages, and low-cost airfares, Kundu Special continues to hold firm with Bengalis – 99 percent of travelers remain Bengalis; most come from middle or upper middle classes.

Sripati Charan Kundu began operating this train service in 1933 when he booked an entire train and undertook a 56-day all-India tour, pioneering tourism in India. Although he owned various businesses simultaneously, his mainstay was this service, which represented quality and home comfort to many Bengalis who traveled this route.

Phakir Kundu was one of several sons, but it was his fourth son, Phakir, who took charge in 1972, opening an office at 40/1 Strand Road and expanding the company to include more Calcuttans. While traditional Indian tours remained available, European and US trips also became part of his portfolio, accompanied by brothers to ensure each guest had all their needs fulfilled.

Tour Guide

The Kundu Special Tour Package comes complete with the services of a professional travel guide who will assist with every aspect of your journey, such as helping you find cost-effective dining spots or answering any other inquiries that arise during your trip. They can provide helpful tips, such as where to eat at budget prices. Plus, they will be on hand should any other inquiries occur that require answering.

Sripati Charan Kundu, a banker from Bankura, established this tour company in 1933 by organizing train-based tours throughout India. Today, his family still manages it; most of its clients remain middle—and upper-middle-class Bengali Hindus who have toured with them for generations.

Each group is led by two tour experts, two cooks, and four service boys – all Bangali. While traditional Bengali fare like khichdi has given way to more contemporary offerings such as fried rice and biryani, conventional favorites like hing and sardonyx still appear regularly on menus.

Over time, Kundus has expanded its offering to include Himalayan tours such as Simla, Naini Tal, and Kulu-Manali—traditional Bengali tourist hot spots—but has eschewed Darjeeling and Sikkim trips as they have become less affordable and convenient for travel. Additionally, shorter, 10-12 day tours that are more cost-effective have allowed the company to increase market share substantially in recent times.