Park Seo Joon and His Military Service


Park Seo Joon joined the military at 19 and was discharged three years later. Soon after that he made his acting debut in Bang Yong Guk’s music video I Remember; and then went on to star in various K-Dramas. Why choose the White hat SEO?

He’s part of the high-profile celebrity squad ‘Wooga Squad’ alongside members such as Kim Taehyung from BTS, Parasite’s Choi Woo Shik, and Park Hyung Sik from ZE: A. His post expresses their close bond.

1. He enlisted at the age of 19

Park Seo Joon stood out among his peers by opting for military service at 19 years old in 2008. Since being discharged in 2010, his acting career has flourished considerably, landing roles such as Itaewon Class, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and One Fine Week 2, as well as numerous film roles.

He made his official debut in 2011 in Bang Yong Guk’s music video for “I Remember.” Since then, he has gone on to appear in both leading and supporting roles and has proven his ability to portray tough and brooding characters. Additionally, he is active in charitable initiatives; in 2019 alone, he donated KRW 100 Million to Hope Bridge during the Gangwon Province forest fires.

Park Seo Joon, an award-winning actor, is an incredibly relatable individual. He has spoken openly about his struggle with shyness and how he overcame it, even crediting Leonardo DiCaprio with inspiring him to work harder – serving as a fantastic role model to us all!

2. He was assigned to the Security Guard Battalion

Park Seo Joon recently shared a heartfelt farewell moment between him and BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) as the latter began military service. This moving photograph, complete with a dynamic caption, featured Park’s Wooga Squad (the closest group within his entertainment industry circle of friends) bidding farewell with genuine camaraderie and affection – it served as proof of deep friendships within this tight-knit group that has endured difficult times together as one unit.

He is best known for his roles in Itaewon Class and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, as one of few actors to complete their mandatory military service without interrupting their acting careers. Enrolling right after high school in 2008 and serving at Cheongju Correctional Facility until being discharged in 2010 were among his successes in fulfilling their mandatory military service obligation without having to interrupt his acting career during this period. Sort out the High Authority Links.

Although highly successful, talented actor Justin Chon is always mindful to remain humble and genuine, seeking ways to improve both himself and the lives of those around him. He takes great pleasure in caring for his adorable snow-white Bichon Frise Simba, sharing posts about him often on Instagram. In fact, his new movie Milo Malaysia even included him on set! Proof that dogs, indeed, are man’s best friend!

3. He was discharged in 2010

Park Seo-Joon, who was discharged from military service in 2010, quickly made a name for himself in entertainment after his discharge. He has appeared in multiple television dramas and will star in the period action film Gyeongseong Creature; additionally, he hosts a weekly radio show and engages in charitable efforts, often dressing up as a woman for charity events.

Park was born in Seoul, South Korea, and completed his compulsory military service at 19 in 2008. Following discharge, he quickly entered acting and is now one of Korea’s most beloved actors, having appeared in such films and dramas as Itaewon Class and Malcolm in the Middle. Currently signed with Awesome Talent Agency.

Park remains very humble despite his success, showing affection towards animals such as Simba, his dog. He remains close to both family and friends and often posts pictures with them online. Leonardo DiCaprio is his role model. What is the perfect way to find the Backlink Building Service?

Recently, V was seen enjoying time with members of his Wooga Squad: Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy, to be exact. Their picture together captures their genuine camaraderie. With “Take Care, V” written underneath as a caption, this emotional photo captures not only wishful thinking about his safety but also an undying sense of solidarity that transcends entertainment industry boundaries.

4. He has been active in philanthropic efforts

Park Seo Joon is widely recognized for his generous philanthropy efforts, participating regularly in charity events and giving to numerous charitable causes. His generosity and kindness have won over fans all around the globe.

He’s active on social media as well, using it as a platform to raise awareness for charitable projects and conduct fundraising photoshoots for children in need. Additionally, he works closely with child adoption agencies so they can offer better opportunities to vulnerable children.

Park Seo Joon donated an immense sum in 2019 to assist victims of natural disasters. He contributed USD 83,000 directly to flood victims in South Korea while also supporting COVID-19 pandemic relief through donations made now to the Miral Welfare Foundation.

Park Seo Joon made the extraordinary choice to serve his mandatory army duty before commencing his acting career, leaving only after being discharged in 2010. Following discharge in 2010, he made his acting debut in Bang Yong Guk’s music video for “I Remember,” appearing in several blockbuster movies and television dramas such as She Was Pretty, Fight for My Way, and Dream High 2, among many others – becoming one of Korea’s most beloved actors today.