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Writing guest blog posts for technology websites is an effective strategy to raise brand recognition and increase search engine rankings. Writing relevant articles and submitting them for submission requires writing on timely subjects that resonate with reputable technology websites. Optimizing these articles for SEO purposes is also paramount to their success. Guide to Publish Guest Posts from Google News Approved Blogs.

Apps Insight is a vibrant hub for tech enthusiasts, giving authors the opportunity to share their opinions on modern tech trends. Open to everyone, Apps Insight fosters diversity across perspectives by welcoming everyone who visits.

eLearning Industry

The eLearning industry is constantly developing with new technology, trends, and opportunities, so staying current is vital in providing your clients with the highest-quality services possible. Joining online eLearning communities and forums is an effective way to do just this, providing support through webinars, blog posts, and reviews, as well as being an invaluable source for finding out about any software updates!

Modern technologies enable educators to make education more authentic by embedding questions and feedback directly into videos. This makes the learning experience more engaging for students and helps them learn more effectively. E-learning courses can even be delivered via mobile devices for convenient access when learners are on the go.

Although eLearning businesses are experiencing an unprecedented boom, some obstacles remain. Companies in the corporate sector have seen their revenue decrease substantially as more employees opt to work remotely, resulting in reduced budgets for training, requiring them to cut spending elsewhere, such as marketing.

Apps Insight

Application Insight is a robust cloud-based service for monitoring web applications. It collects and analyses telemetry – specifically performance and availability information – from your apps, making it an excellent option for large, high-volume web apps as it helps identify issues before they affect users. Furthermore, App Insight supports various languages, including custom software, which makes it an attractive solution. Although App Insight may have its drawbacks, it offers viable options to customers. The ultimate guide to Publish Guest Posts.

Application Insight can help ensure that your apps run seamlessly, alert you if anything goes amiss, and help you understand user sentiment analysis. It can be utilized by anyone, from programmers to business owners, and is easily customized to fit individual business requirements, making it the ideal solution.


Creately is an intuitive diagramming tool designed to assist teams in producing professional visual projects quickly. With an extensive library of templates such as flowcharts, organizational charts, wireframes, and SWOT diagrams available as templates for users, Creately makes creating professional-grade projects simple for teams. Support for various file formats and integration with popular productivity apps make project management more straightforward, while its revision history feature allows users to return to prior versions of their diagrams when making revisions.

Creately 4.0 is an ingenious no-code platform designed to connect teams across an enterprise by running workflows on an intuitive visual canvas. It replaces various disconnected tools like note-taking apps, wikis, and project management apps with one cohesive approach. Tips on Publish Guest Posts on Pensivly?

Creately’s technology goes beyond typical drawing tools that only enable users to add shapes and text, offering more advanced interactions. For instance, their KObject technology lets them add intelligent shapes that change automatically as data changes, helping them communicate more meaningfully. This results in a dynamic, collaborative diagramming experience suitable for students as well as teachers.


TechCrunch is a premier global technology publication that reaches millions of readers worldwide with news coverage and expert analysis of crucial startup categories. Additionally, TechCrunch hosts in-person events like its flagship Disrupt conference and TC Sessions series, as well as virtual speaker events like Summer Party.

TechCrunch has taken several innovative approaches to increase traffic and revenue. Their website is optimized for mobile and tablet viewing, they utilize a custom search engine that delivers quick, accurate results, and they offer tailored newsletters explicitly tailored towards their audience’s interests.

This publisher has also utilized video advertising to increase revenue on its website. It uses DSP platforms like Vuble, FreakOut, and Simplifi to reach its OTT audience and Oracle Bluekai to understand visitor behavioral criteria and create more targeted campaigns.