Put in a Slatwall Storage System for a New Spin on Garage Storage


The innovative Slatwall storage solution is a fantastic choice for establishing order in your garage. The cutting-edge Slatwall panels are simple to set up and give your garage an elegant, polished look. With its combination of standard cabinets, customized racks, and adjustable shelves, this system can accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Pick from various hooks and containers in different shapes, sizes, and hues. Get rid of the mess in your garage and get organized.

Rugged Slatwall panels and trim pieces make up this straightforward and straightforward solution. To set up the system, fasten the panels to the framework with the matching hardware. You may screw the boards into the ceiling or wall of your garage. Grey, white, taupe, maple, and black are all colors that may be found in both the screws and the panels. Panels can be purchased in a 48″ or 96″ length and measure 12″ in width. Standard edge caps, U-caps, corner molding, and J-molding, can give your project the polished look you’ve desired. Complete the installation with a matching baseboard. The entire system can be installed on the weekend, completely transforming your garage.

One of its primary advantages is the ease with which a Slatwall Storage System allows you to arrange your tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and other goods for storage. Moving any storage unit is a breeze when you have a continuous mounting slot. You can reorganize your workspace as often as you like. You may mount shelving and storage brackets to the Slatwall System without additional hardware. Mount the frame in any available slat at any desired height.


From small single hooks for wrenches and other equipment to massive heavy duty hooks meant to support a bicycle or wheelbarrow, Slatwall storage hooks come in infinite forms and configurations. Ladder storage hooks and hooks for the handles of rakes, shovels, and brooms are two further examples of specialized slatwall hooks. Any garage would benefit from a Slatwall hook for hanging a roll of paper towels. Remember to install a hook to keep your golf clubs out of the way so you can spend more time on the course.


You may install slatwall shelves for storing things like paint, cartons, and more extensive power tools. Since they share the same innovative slatwall connection, Slatwall frames can be set up in minutes and quickly moved around. The 8″ to 16″ width range of commonly available Slatwall shelf brackets gives you a lot of leeway when planning your shelving layout. Install 16-inch-wide shelves for heavy goods on the far end wall of your garage, and use 8-inch-wide brackets anywhere space is at a premium, such as at the garage door. Install a slatwall adjustable shelf bracket and tilt it to the correct angle for a shoe or boot shelf.


Put a few different kinds of open baskets on the Slatwall to store odds and ends. Footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and gloves may all be safely stored in these durable containers. You may set aside a specific space for perishables like onions and potatoes.


Heavy-weight cabinetry is no match for a professionally built Slatwall system. The modest size of the containers that may be stored in slatwall cabinets makes them ideal for storing things like motor oil and pesticides. Put potentially harmful things in a cabinet mounted off the floor, out of the reach of children. We also offer full-height cupboards if you need them. Books and other items that benefit from dust-free can be safely maintained in a storage cabinet.


Whenever you’ve given up hope of finding a hook that will work for one of your uniquely shaped goods, you’ll find a slatwall specialty hook just right. Whether it’s a baseball cap, a hunting hat, or a motorcycle helmet, hang it up to show it off. Rope, twine, or extension cords can be supported by a multi-hook holder with their faces exposed. Put in flush-mounted hooks to better use vertical space for storing tiny goods. Complete the package by installing a hook for coats and other outerwear beside the door.


When you’re done with the installation, you may put everything where it belongs so it’s easy to find again. When your friends and family see how well you’ve structured your space using Slatwall, they’ll be green with envy. Everything in its place, and its place in everything!


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